22nd APR 2023


Come and ride with PIRELLI in the most prestigious circuits in Italy, reference points for all two-wheel enthusiasts and riders, to experience great adrenaline-charged emotions with your bike.

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The Mugello International Circuit - also known as Mugello Circuit - is located in Scarperia and San Piero and is owned by Ferrari. The track layout is 5,245 meters long, and winds through 15 curves. The circuit of the circuit is characterized by an uphill straight over 1 km long, where the 990 cm³ MotoGP bikes reached a speed of about 340 km / h, (the record, set by Jorge Martin in 2022, is 363,3 km / h), by severe gradient changes and very fast, blind and challenging curves, such as the "Arrabbiata 1" and the "Arrabbiata 2". Also note the Casanova-Savelli, a downhill left-right chicane, important for lap time. Another key point is the "San Donato" curve, the first of the track (located at the end of the aforementioned straight), where it is important to brake as late as possible.

LENGTH: 5,2 Km

WIDTH: 14 m

CURVES: 6 left - 9 right


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It is mandatory to use appropriate technical clothing for track use.

The motorcycles must be equipped exclusively with "PIRELLI" brand tires

Children under 18 cannot participate in the event.

Participants registered for Pirelli Track Days are divided into 5 groups based on lap time. The composition of the groups is monitored through the timing system (transponder) in order to maintain balance and uniformity of performance within each group.

7:30am - 8:15am ACCREDITATION

8:15am - 9:00am Briefing Technical Briefing

9:00am - 13:00pm driving session

13:00pm - 14:00pm lunch

14:00pm - 18:00pm driving session

The agenda may be subject to change

22nd APR 2023


Come and ride with PIRELLI at the Mugello International Circuit, a reference point for all two-wheel enthusiasts and riders, to experience great emotions and adrenaline with your bike. PIRELLI track engineers and other technical partners will be available to give you valuable advice on the set-up of the bike and on the correct use of the tires.

In addition, each member will have their own photos in action as a gift and the event T-shirt


4 shifts on the track of 20 minutes *
+ action photoset + Event T-shirt

cost € 229,00


Motorcycles equipped exclusively with the following tires will be admitted to the track: